Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bits and Bites

** First and foremost, I want to announce that I have finally created my recipe archives!!  Check it out!

1.  I currently have this written on the top of a NEW salsa recipe I recently made.  Stay tuned this week to find out what deserved such rave reviews.

2.  Speaking of salsa and my love for all things tomato, I eat my grilled cheese by dunking each bite in ketchup.  May be weird but omgsogood.  Try it.

3.  I have decided to jump on the Hunger Games bandwagon and finally realize what I have been missing!  Crazy good book and need to see the movie asap!!

4.  Yes I own I rather large bag of flour.  And yes that says 25 pounds :)

5.  So I did in fact end up doing a little shopping over the holiday weekend.  I'm a sucker for a cute pair of earrings.

6.  And since we're talking about cute stuff.  I own the cutest puppy in the world and thought you should know.  She's the most photogenic little lady I know.

Have a great Memorial Day!!

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