Monday, March 19, 2012

Bits and Bites

Every so often I plan to do a little feature of randoms- just bits and pieces of everyday life with recipes and fun finds sprinkled in.  Here's my first attempt at this "grab bag" post:

1. While I didn't win the "cupcake war" with my Lucky Charms creation, Nathan came home with a little surprise for me and insisted that I "won in his eyes".  So at the end of this week of luck, one thing is for certain: I am lucky to have him :)

2. This is apparently along the lines of what the winner made.  Don't ask.

3. Lucky Charms Treats- this may have to be where the rest of that box of cereal goes...

4.  Went to the store this weekend and had to snag these.  Happy Birthday Oreo!

5.  So ready for spring!!  Flowers are beginning to bloom in our front yard and I love it!!

6.  Spring = Easter = Peeps and I love my peeps!  This idea makes them even better!

Happy Monday!

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