Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bits and Bites

Ok, so I want to change up Bits and Bites a little bit.  I want to include more fun links of interesting web finds and yummy recipes and of course I will still talk about myself.  And since I'm in charge I can*. 

1.  First off, I hope everyone had a good weekend! (I know I'm a little late with this, but that doesn't change the fact that I hope your weekend was wonderful).  Nathan went out of town so I took full advantage and went on a little shopping spree.
And shoes were bought.
And a fancy new cookie scoop.
And some pretty home things at Target.  Target = Love.
And I drank one of his Pepsi's.  Pepsi Next.  It's new and it's good and for some reason made me unusually hyper, which was kinda nice because I ended up getting a lot done!

2.  Oh yea, and as a result of the Pepsi Next Surge of Hyperness, I stayed up til 2am Saturday night  catching up on The Bachelorette since I can't do this while Nathan is home because, well, I like to keep the fact that I watch this show a secret.  Secret's out.  Don't judge me.  But I did  find the best blog ever for episode recaps and hilarious commentary! 

3.  Speaking of hilarious:  currently reading The Big Love by Sarah Dunn.  Hil. Ar. I. Ous.

4.  Grilled cheese anyone?? (Or toaster cheese?)  I tried one of these guys using some everything bagel thins, opened faced, topped with some roasted tomato salsa.  yummmmm......yyyyyy......

4.5.  Go Pokes toaster!!!  Want!  (Bday list idea?)

5.  Another new thing I'm a little hooked on: savory oatmeal.  I've made myself the soy sauce one topped with a fried egg a few times lately.  I have a feeling I may be weirding you out a lot today.

6.  Oreo ideas.  I'm on board.  Want the smores.  Now.

7.  Produce Calendars.  Excellent source. 

8.  Ok, that's all I've got for you today.  Another recipe coming soon! 

*Clarification: so I may say that I'm in charge but you can be in charge too :) I gladly accept input and suggestions on anything and everything: from what I put onto my blog to what I put into my mouth.  Please don't hesitate to share :)

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