Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mexican Lasagna

I'm a list maker.

Like a REALLY big list maker.  I have lists for everything:  things I need from the grocery store, things I need to do today, things I need to do this week, meals/treats I plan to make/bake this week, meals/treats I plan to make/bake this season, meals/treats I plan to make/bake next season etc., things I need to look up on the internet, things I need to return, things I need to buy, things I plan to buy others for birthday/Christmas, things I need to bring/do/get next time I visit my family, I think you get the picture. 

It's sad, I know- it's the nerd in me.  Lists are coming out of my ears.  What can I say...I'm an organizer.  And I lovelovelove crossing stuff off my list.  Sometimes (don't judge me here, you know you've done it too!), but sometimes I will even write something on my list after I've already done it for the mere satisfaction of crossing it off.  Ahhhhh best feeling in the world.  Well, actually, the best feeling in the world was probably the moment Nathan proposed to me- completely out of the blue in the middle of a ski slope- let me tell you girls...if you've not yet been proposed to it's the most incredible situation in the world.  The movies don't do it justice.  They just don't captivate what goes on inside a girls body and mind when her boyfriend finally gets down on one knee.  Never have I shook my head yes and no at the same time (no this can't be happening, yes I will marry you!) while simultaneously laughing and crying.  Ok, I'm officially rambling,

So, yeah.  Lists.  Lasagna was on one of my lists- my kitchen bucket list- and now I can cross that sucker off.  Well, kinda.  You see, while this one was fun to make and had that kicked up mexican flare, I do still intend to make a traditional italian version soon.  But in the meantime, this will definitely suffice.

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