Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bits and Bites

It's bits and bites time people.

I'm gonna be quick and to the point today so let's just get straight to the fun stuff. 

Make this:

1.  How stinkin cute are these Pencil Pusher Cupcake Pops!?  If only I had children in school I would have the perfect excuse to make these.  Ummmm but rush.

2.  And speaking of cute school treats:  PB&J Sandwich Cookies!  These may be the cutest cookies I've ever seen.

3.  Chubby Hubby's Chubby Wifey...homemade...

4.  Chick-fil-a!  homemade! :)

5.  An excuse to eat cake for breakfast (or breakfast for dessert): French Toast Angel Food Cake.

6.  My next birthday cake.  Period.

Buy this:

7.  Mission Summer Lime Tortilla Chips:

LOADED with goodness

Not sure if you can tell by the practically empty bag of chips we polished off in about 24 hours but there's a wholelottastuff on those chips. 

8.  Cookie Butter:

Tastes exactly as described (like christmas).

9.  Coconut Fudge Ice Cream:

I heart blue bell.

10.  We have already kicked off the approach of fall with a bag of candy corn pumpkins in our house, have you?

Fall is coming!  woot woot!  (I may or may not have invested in five pairs of skinny jeans this weekend in honor of the looming season change...)

and I've been getting creative in the kitchen lately so stay tuned!

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